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RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [1.1] - Bozo - 18/06/2019 04:44 PM


Jest to mapa terenów Niemiec w skali 1:1 prezentująca okolice w których mieszka autor modyfikacji.






Cytat:Hello guys,

a little time after the release of ETS2 i started to work on a 1:1 map of my hometown Heilbronn.
Time after time i continued working and working.
The map contains a lot of places you´ll recognize.
In the beginning i thought i´d just make a personal map that i´ll never release.
With the scale of 1:1 you´ll get a completely different driving experience. It feels way more realistic.
So you´ll get an idea how it feels to be a local truck driver Big Grin

***Things you shound know***
- Standalone map!
- Traffic mod included
To change the traffic density use the console command "g_traffic" command (0.1 - 10)
-Please report bugs if you find some

**DLC´s required**
- Going East
- Scandinavia
- France
- Italy
- Baltic
- Black Sea

Truck Dealer List:
DAF: Fürfeld
Iveco: Sinsheim/Reihen
MAN: HN Industriegebiet
Mercedes Benz: HN Neckargartach, Westernach, Neuenstein
Renault: Untergruppenbach
Scania: Öhringen
Volvo: Bonfeld

Show respect and keep the original downloadlink please!

- fld (Models&Prefabs)
- Bluetruck (Models)
- 50k (Lidl - Models)
- zeppelin3 (Models-traffic signs)
- walshy70 (Models)
- RudiRaser (Traffic mod)

Wersja gry: 1.37
Autor: Klauzzy

Pobieranie Modyfikacji:

Goście nie widzą linków. Proszę, zarejestruj się TUTAJ, żeby zobaczyć ukrytą treść .

RE: RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [1.0.7] - michalz - 18/06/2019 04:58 PM

Jak na to, ze masz urlop jestes bardzo aktywny kolego Tongue

RE: RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [1.0.7] - Bozo - 19/08/2019 09:17 PM

Zapowiedź wersji 1.0.8 Smile

RE: RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [1.0.8] - Bozo - 24/08/2019 12:19 PM

Aktualizacja do wersji 1.0.8 w post #1.

RE: RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [1.0.8] - Bozo - 25/08/2019 05:52 PM

Zaktualizowałem video w post #1 na aktualną wersję z polską wersją językową Wink

RE: RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [1.0.9] - Bozo - 14/12/2019 01:13 PM

Aktualizacja do wersji 1.0.9 na patch 1.36 w post #1.

Cytat:- New Road with villages: Bretzfeld to Mainhardt
- New Road with villages: Untergruppenbach to Löwenstein
- new city signs added and replaced
- Bonfeld Industrial zone reworked
- Bonfeld, Kirchhausen a bit reworked
- B39 Fürfeld to Heilbronn Frankenbach reworked
- Conversion for ETS2 1.36
- Traffic mod (based on rudi's) reworked for the most realistic behaviour and traffic density.
- bugs fixed

RE: RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [1.1] - Bozo - 10/05/2020 09:03 AM

Aktualizacja do wersji 1.1 na patch 1.37 w post #1.

Cytat:- A6: expanded (east) -> expanded to exit of Crailsheim with new exit's, cities and industrial zones
- A81: expanded (north) -> expanded to Osterburken
- A81: Neuenstadt to Möckmühl reworked and added realistic restplaces
- A81: Untergruppenbach to Ilsfeld --> complete rebuild
- New City "Bad Rappenau" with connection Road added
- A6: Cross Weinsberg to Bretzfeld -> complete rebuild
- A6: Cross Weinsberg to HN/Zentrum / Neckarsulm reworked
- A6: Roadwork from Cross Weinsberg to Bad Rappenau is now expanded and up to date like RL. Also some parts have been reworked
- A6: Roadwork of the new Neckartal Bridge updated (Heilbronn to Neckarsulm)
- A6: Restplace Neckarsulm to Kreuz Weinsberg removed (Roadwork in RL)
- A6: Rastplatz Hohenlohe -> complete reworked (now its like rl)
- New Autobahn Sightseeing signs added (thanks to Dan89)
- Entrace/Exit of the Industrial Area in HN-Neckargartach reworked
- bugs fixed